Sunday, January 13, 2013

A New Spring Collaboration: Prabal Gurung x Target

Along with New York fashion week, the release of the Prabal Gurung Target Collaboration (February 10) will provide a good distraction from the dreariness of mid February!  Courtesy of Elle, the entire 80 piece collection is available for preview! The collection was inspired by the milestones experienced while falling in love. Unlike the Neiman Marcus collaboration, the bright and floral dresses, adorable accessories, and sharp-looking shoes all come in under $50, except for a few items. I personally am excited for the solid bright heels, flats, and dresses. I might even try one of Prabal's signature digital floral print numbers. Here are a few looks and pieces I'm keeping my eye on: 
These strappy heels are a good alternative to the classic L.A.M.B. Oxley Pumps for a fraction of the price!

I will most likely pick up one of these miniaudieres. Bags with cross body abilities are a god send for a girl on the go.
Who else doesn't quite get the model's hair style? This collections is too cute for walk of shame dreads, if you ask me! 

The Cosseted Pauper


  1. I really like all of these!! :) Great post! And thank you for sharing.

    <3 CC

  2. This is a wonderful post. I WANT that white dress with the color splashes. Unfortunately, in L.A. the items from collaborations are snatched up so quick it's not even worth going in. Fashion P.R. house and Entertainment companies get take all of the items for their party bags and celebrity clients. So snatch up what you can girl!


    1. I think you can purchase them online. ALthough, like the Target x Missoni collab, shoppers might crash the site! Best of luck!


  3. Prabal Gurung is such a cool designer - his designs and ideas are always fresh and young. Lovely post! :-)