Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sensual Saturday

I was perusing my friend Mu's blog last night and found a post she had reposted on the installation of 28,000 potted flowers in an abandoned mental institution by the artist Anna Schuleit. The sensuous installation, appropriately called BLOOM invoked a striking calm, even whimsy, in the entire building that dismissed any decrepit prejudice that may accompany an abandoned mental hospital. The fragrant perfume of the flowers cancelled out any traditional stink accompanying the old facility. In pictures of the exhibition, the different colors’ reflection on the different textured walls creates a range in thoughts and emotions perhaps felt by patients and people involved during the hospital’s 91 years of operation. This was assisted by broadcasts over the old telecom system of recorded sounds of the building leading up to is closing in 2003. After the 4 day exhibition, the flowers and sod were donated to psychiatric hospitals, general hospitals, half-way houses, and homeless shelters throughout the surrounding region for many more to enjoy. 
Before I did research on BLOOM last night, I thought this post would be more of a "Its lazy Saturday, enjoy yo life!" sort of post. My spirits haven't faltered though and I hope yours haven't either! Take this more as "a stop and smell, see, and hear the roses" sort of message. Its not lazy Saturday, its sensual Saturday! 

The Cosseted Pauper 

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