Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Spring 2013 Couture, Day One: Alexis Mabille

While I wouldn't mind snagging one (or a few) of Christian Dior's embroidered gowns from yesterday's show, Alexis Mabille's charming and beautifully crafted collection won me over for day one of spring 2013 couture fashion week. In his premier as an official Paris couture house, Mabille held true to his love of bows and embellishments yet appeased past critique by staying within a muted palette (for the most part). The result: A modern day revival of Marie Antoinette's infamously playful and frothy wardrobe. If you had any doubts of this, the models' frosted hair and the bubble-gum pink venue definitely lent a hand to the cause. 
(credit: bastille-day)
His craftsmanship rang loud and clear throughout, but especially in the his pieces integrating lace, netting, chiffon, and dotted vailing. Each piece was delightfully bourgeois yet modern. 
(credit: style)
I especially loved his series of mermaid silhouetted gowns. Of these, the double-breasted belted tuxedo dress would definitely be the frock of choice for modern Marie Antoinette's sultry night out with her handsome Swedish boo, Hans Axel von Fersen. 
(credit:google and style)
Before, his pièce de résistance, Mabille rounded out the show with four vibrant gowns that brought to mind a fireworks finale on a warm Parisian night.
(credit: style)

The Cosseted Pauper


  1. I like most of the dresses too, I like the 18th century style of Marie Antoinette with a modern twist, just like these shoes :)