Monday, February 11, 2013

Diaries of an online shopping addict

Sorry for the lag in posts lately. In between Nemo and papers for school, I haven't been able to keep up with writing or shooting. 
(credit: Missouri S & T)
The impact of the storm in Boston didn't stop my roommate and I from enjoying New York Fashion Week. Thanks to the live stream of shows on we were able to watch the shows while pent up in our igloo apartment. The day after the storm, we even adventured out onto Newburry street to indulge in the 60% off sale at LF. There, I bought a leather fold over clutch similar to the one below but in sea foam green. It is purely for going out and having fun. The color perfectly matches my current wallet.
(credit: Lavish Alice)
I have been lusting after these Outlier riding pants for a while. But after just buying another pair of Paige jeans, I didn't feel like dropping so much money on pants in one month! I found these Tarte Ponte leggings on Gilt for a super good price, so I decided to grab them up. 
(credit: Amazon)
I was pretty satisfied with my weekend's bounty at this point. But, while perusing my Facebook newsfeed yesterday, I spotted this adorable illustrated André Leon Talley t-shirt. I definitely foresee dressing this up and down. I'm obsessed with him, his story, and especially his steady stream of dramatic capes and man uggs. He also stars in a mini series called Mondays with André on Vogue's youtube channel. Each episode is only a minute or so long, but its all you need to lift you up from the realization that four days separate you from excusably day drinking and lounging like no one's business.
(credit: Refinery29)
Fashion month commentary and more personal style posts are in the works!

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