Sunday, February 3, 2013

January Favorite Five

Verdugo Ultra Skinny by Paige Jeans 
As you can tell from the model, these pants are meant for athletic and curvy legs. These definitely allow room in the calves and butt with out having a gaping waist. As a distance runner, I had never had a pair of pants I was satisfied with the fit with before these. I just bought my second pair. Their incredibly soft, comfortable, and flattering. The only downside is that they're dry clean only.
(credit:Paige Jeans)

Statement necklaces
I'm slowly but surely developing my collection of these baubles. Statement necklaces are an easy add-on accessory to any outfit without any drama! I love ones with complex texture and structure in a more unified color like the ones below. Because of their neutral colors, they add complexity to an outfit without the worry of clashing. 

Khiel's lip balm number one
This Khiel's classic is by far my favorite lip protectant against winter wind and temperature. It's packed with sweet almond oil, Vitamins A & E, as well as other emollients. It's not too gooey. It's a no frills get the job done balm with a consistency close to vaseline. It's a great base under lip stick so your lips don't get dried out. It also comes in flavors including mango, coconut, and vanilla. 
(credit: Kiehl's)

Nike Lunar Running Shoes
Until recently, my go to for distance trainers were the Mizuno wave inspire model. Although they are aesthetically pleasing, I had enough problems with them that I knew I had to make a change. I found that my feet would occasionally go numb on the elliptical and during longer runs (even when I made adjustments to the laces). I also had a tendency to roll my ankles and  get unsightly blood blisters on the tops of my toes. In the last month or so I've bought the 3 models shown below from the Nike Lunarglide family. As you can see from their profiles they are light on the upper body with a pliable and cushy sole. A month in, I have no complaints. 
(credit: Nike)
Lunareclipse +2
Lunar Allways TR
lunarswift 3

I've been trying to cut down on processed foods lately. Replacing processed grains, dairy, and meat products in the morning with a fruit, veggie, and protein filled smoothie is a great way to start your day without any additives. I've found starting my day with a smoothie sets me up to want healthier foods throughout the day. My current favorite includes almond milk, dark chocolate peanut butter, a banana, and spinach. 
(credit: food u recognize)

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  1. Those statement necklaces are gorgeous! Love smoothies so much! :D

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